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Firstly, a massive hellooooo, to all the new followers of Alt-flix this year, it has has been wonderful to receive all of your recent messages and comments. It is gratifying to know that you are enjoying the efforts of the team.

So, you all know what we think about the current crop of films at your local flea-pit cinema, hear are thoughts on some older wonderful things we are just about catching up with in the relative lull.

Ben Wheatley's High-Rise, bloody mindedly producing a Kubrikian masterpiece out of an "unfilmable" story.

The good old BFI retrospective exhaustive extras-laden box set release of one of our very favourite directors Alan Clarke (Rita, Sue and Bob Too, The Firm etc), is an absolute must have. We never thought quite a few of these TV plays would ever see the light of day.

The Criterion Collection finally releasing in the UK. (Although the excitement is tempered slightly by the titles they have released thus far).

The patchy (to say the least) BFI Flipside releases returned, wilfully patchily, with welcome releases for lost masterpiece Symptoms, and for the ultimate cult horror Psychomania, alongside the so-so Beat Girl, and the entirely unremarkable Expresso Bongo.

Soda Pictures continued its remarkable upward trajectory with Louder Than Bombs.

I, Daniel Blake triumphing in all manner of ways, and proving Ken Loach a master of all he surveys, and long may he continue to so powerfully tell the stories of the unheard.

Some honorable mentions now for things we have watched at home: The Lady in the Van - Alan Bennett's wonderful (and long awaited - by us anyway) tale with Maggie Smith as the indomitable Miss Shepherd. Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D , (oh how we loved the 3D version - though we were perhaps alone on that). Michel Gondry's Microbe and Gasoil - not his best film, but eminently watchable. Zootopia (such a relief when your kids choose great films to watch). The Sorcerers (in a stunning print) and Kes released on Blu-ray in the UK for the first time. And, special mention has to go to the TV channel Talking Pictures TV showing in the UK, which has kept us entertained daily with a dazzling array of vintage films, rare and obscure British b-movies alongside a handful of offerings from the Southern TV archive.


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