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alt-flix are basically an alternative to Hollywood blockbusters, lame Teen movies, sappy Rom-Coms etc. So alt-flix tend to be films often described as Contemporary cinema, Indie, Cult, Alternative, Art House, Left Field etc but basically it is films that are not your average Hollywood blockbuster. Generally these films tend to rely less on special fx and big names, and more on great stories and great actors.

What is the site here for?

We are constantly annoyed that due to the prevalence of Hollywood blockbusters, smaller films seem to be getting harder to find in DVD retailers / Megastores etc. Even online the megastores do not tend to split their stock into easily searchable sections, so you end up having to look through hundreds of DVD's to find a few interesting ones. So we decided to set up a site for the very purpose of recommending DVD's that are not particularly mainstream and therefore films that could have been missed at the time, or overlooked by a new generation of film fans.

Why offer DVD sale links and why choose Amazon?

We chose to add DVD sale links to our reviews / new release round ups etc because we wanted to make it as easy as possible for the DVD to be tracked down and purchased - if that was what the visitor wanted. We went with Amazon because, after much painstaking comparison research, we found them consistently far cheaper than other retailers for the type of films that will appear on this site. This is especially true for DVD's that have been on release for at least a few months. Also Amazon offer second hand prices through their traders which again gives a further degree of choice and scope for cheaper purchases. We have also set up our very own a-stores in association with Amazon which includes only our recommended movies.

How big will the site get?

We will be adding many more reviews films. We maintain an up to date DVD release schedule, and to ensure the schedule is both accurate and contains the type of alternative films our visitors would be interested in. (Have a look through HMV and Virgins release schedule and you spend hours sifting through Get Fit DVD's, Sports DVD's, 100 years of british stamp collecting etc etc etc). Added to this will be further guides on different subjects.

Your site looks dreadful on our browser?

Sorry. In an effort to get cross browser / resolution compatibility we have done our best to cover most of the popular browsers and the site is compatible with those. So apologies if it does not look so good on yours. The site looks best in IE and Mozilla browsers.

We really hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. Most of all we really hope that you find some great films that you might otherwise have missed. logo

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