Film: 28 Days Later 18 rating Year: 2002
28 Days Later DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Horror / Sci-fi / Thriller
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: Cillian Murphy, Christopher Eccleston, Brendan Gleeson, Naomie Harris

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28 Days Later Synopsis - 28 Days Later centres around Britain in the aftermath of a man made viral infection that has decimated the population. Jim, a young man, awakes from a coma to find a deserted London, but all too soon he discovers not everyone has died of the virus. Even worse, the virus causes the carrier to be thrown into a uncontrollable and murderous anger against anyone not infected. He finds a few survivors who have yet to be infected by the virus, but can they escape the city and find some refuge, or will they too succumb to the "rage".

Review of 28 Days Later - 28 Days Later is a zombie movie in all but name, but it also has enough of a storyline to interest those not into straight ahead zombie genre. It's particularly reminiscent of the fantastic 70's TV series "The Survivors (in my opinion the best tv series ever - get it on DVD and you are in for a treat) in that it set in a post virally infected world where only a tiny percentage of the country has survived. The story also has particular resonance with reference to world instability etc. The effects in the film are excellent and the scenes of the lead character walking around a completely deserted London are incredibly powerful and more than a little uncomfortable.
The reasons I recommend 28 Days Later are: 1. It is visually stunning. 2. Its a very well made Zombie movie that actually makes you think.