Film: A Private Function pg rating Year: 1984
A Private Function DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy
Director: Malcolm Mowbray
Starring: Michael Palin, Maggie Smith, Richard Griffiths, Denholm Elliot

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A Private Function Synopsis - 1947 - The future Queen of England - Princess Elizabeth, announces she is to be married. In a small town in Yorkshire, a syndicate of small businessmen, in order to curry favour with the local council, have been plotting to slaughter an illegally raised pig for a civic event. Although the war has been won over for two years, rationing of meat is still in force and a cloak of secrecy is thrown over the proceedings. By accident a local chiropodist discovers the pig, and he decides to liberate the pig for his persistently social climbing wife. Once liberated the pig has to be hidden in their house until such time that the pig can be chopped up for the dinner table. How long can you keep a secret like that in a small town?

Review of A Private Function - A Private Function is a simply terrific film. It has all the humour and charm you would expect from an Alan Bennett script, but to have the tremendous assembled cast to bring this to life is an absolute joy and turns the film into a near classic. There are superb performances, as you would expect, from Michael Palin, Richard Griffiths, Denholm Elliott to name but a few, but Maggie Smith is the real star of the film. Her perfect and seemingly effortless portrayal as the social climbing wife has to go down as one of the best performances in film for many years. She is a class above most actresses of her day, and time and again she outshines her peers, but in this particular film she gives one of the best performances of her celebrated career.
The reasons I recommend A Private Function are: 1. Maggie Smith in a superb role. 2. A beautifully funny and charming script by the genius Alan Bennett.