Film: Born Romantic 15 rating Year: 2000
Born Romantic DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: David Kane
Starring: Ian Hart, Jimi Mistry, Paddy Considine, Jane Horrocks, Kenneth Cranham

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Born Romantic Synopsis - Born Romantic is set in London, and surrounds three couple all looking for love and romance, each of them linked by a salsa dancing club. The first pairing is Fergus, who is looking for Mo (whom he jilted at the alter some years previously) but she has moved on and is finding comfort at the salsa club with various partners. Eddie, a particularly unimpressive petty criminal, stumbles across the club as a result of a botched robbery, and he immediately becomes besotted by the mysterious Jocelyn, a cemetery worker. Frankie (a rat pack fan trying to live out his Dean Martin fantasises) escapes from the horror of sharing a house with his ex-wife and checks out the club, where he meets, falls for and and desperately tries to connect with Eleanor who is decidedly unimpressed. Who will find love in these circumstances?

Review of Born Romantic - As romantic comedies goes Born Romantic is really a pretty good one. The cast is excellent (it also stars Craig Ferguson, Olivia Williams, Catherine McCormack, David Morrissey, Adrian Lester, John Thompson, Sally Phillips, and Jessica Stevenson to be name but quite a few). The multi-strand story actually stands up very well, as do the supporting vignettes of the cab drivers that tie the strands together. The one question I have is why the writer and director David Kane chose to make this film straight after his previous film "This years love". The premise of the two stories i.e. multi-strand linked stories of people going through relationships looking for love are remarkably similar, and whilst Born Romantic does improve on its predecessor in a number of ways it does beg the question whether this should have just been called This Years Love 2. Indeed given that the previous film was only released a year before whether this one was only funded to cash in on the salsa boom taking place at the time. That all being said, viewed in isolation this is a significantly better film than the vast majority of its contemporaries.
The reasons I recommend Born Romantic are: 1. A truly superb ensemble cast 2. A very good story whose multiple strands hold together rather impressively.