Film: Boston Kickout 18 rating Year: 1995
Boston Kickout DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director: Paul Hills
Starring: John Simm, Emer McCourt, Marc Warren, Andrew Lincoln, Richard Hanson

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Boston Kickout Synopsis - Boston Kickout is set in Stevenage in the early 1990's and centres around Phil, and his group of friends who have all been friends since they were children. The group are now on the verge of leaving school and there is a whole new world on the horizon. The friends start to spilt apart as travel, work, girlfriends and mental health problems take their toll on the individuals. Phil himself doesn't know what to do anymore, he is working in a job he hates and is worried about his Fathers health. Phil meets up with a distant cousin he has not seen for a long time and her outlook on life turns Phil's life on its head. But can things last and will he be able to start getting his life and friends back together?

Review of Boston Kickout - Boston Kickout is another film that slipped under many peoples radar. This is practically a British brat pack film and plays heavily on familiar film territory of the transition between adolescence to manhood, but also adds enough emotional depth and intrigue to raise it above the norm. John Simm and Emer McCourt are both fabulous in this ultimately very enjoyable, if not necessarily feel good, film.
The reasons I recommend Boston Kickout are: 1. The story is a great take on a familiar cinematic theme. 2. John Simm and Emer McCourt both give excellent performances.