Film: Bright Young Things 15 rating Year: 2003
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Stephen Fry
Starring: Emily Mortimer, Stephen Campbell Moore, James McAvoy, Michael Sheen, Jim Broadbent

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Bright Young Things Synopsis - Bright Young Things is is set in high society London in the 1930's and centres around Adam, an aspiring writer, and his circle of well to do friends. Adam, unlike his friends, has no money, and therefore cannot marry his wealthy fiance Nina. The young aristocrats that are his friends have a wild and decadent time on the party scene, whilst he manages to get given a job as a gossip columnist documenting the shock and scandal of these "Bright Young things". But the party has already started to wane and as people start falling off the rails will Adam be able to find a way through with Nina?

Review of Bright Young Things - Bright Young Things is incredibly beautifully shot and really evokes the hedonistic and decadent times of the lives portrayed in the story. The plot is slightly thin and reliant on the style over content but I suspect that is the aim. The performances of this young cast especially Emily Mortimer, Stephen Campbell Moore, Michael Sheen and Fenella Woolgar are superb and they have subsequently have quite rightly gone on to bigger things.
The reasons I recommend Bright Young Things are: 1. Superb art direction and sets. 2. The cast is superb - especially Emily Mortimer and Fenella Woolgar who are both complete stars.