Film: Bronco Bullfrog 12 rating Year: 1969
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Barney Platts Mills
Starring: Del Walker, Anne Gooding, Sam Shepherd, Roy Haywood

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Bronco Bullfrog Synopsis - Bronco Bullfrog is set in the deprived area of East London and centres around the character of Del (a 17yr old welding apprentice). Life is dull and with little money around the only relief for him and his mates seems to be their wayward friend Bronco, who is on the run from Borstal. Things start to look up for Del when when his dad wins some money in a newspaper competition, and Del is given some money to buy a motorbike. Buoyed by his new found independence Del meets Irene, a 15-year-old girl. Irene's father is in jail and her mother is keen for her daughter to better herself. Neither Irene's mother nor Del's father approve of the relationship so the pair decide to run away to be together (with proceeds of a robbery that Del helped Bronco with). But with everyone seemingly against them, and the police on their trail (Irene's mother informed the Police that her daughter is underage and has absconded from the family home) can they go it alone or must they return home to face the music?

Review of Bronco Bullfrog - Bronco Bullfrog is an amazing and pretty much unique film. The cast is made up completely of non-actors, most of them teenagers "off the street". As part of a project to get teenagers off the street and to give them something fulfilling to do, the director encouraged these young "actors" to write a story relevant to their lives, what came out of this was this film. The acting, (or more likely the kids being themselves) works incredibly well, whilst there are undeniably some awkward moments in the film where things have a tendency to become rather stilted, the majority of it works very well indeed, and the films rather unique style helps it stand the test of time.
The reasons I recommend Bronco Bullfrog are: 1. A uniquely realistic film of teenage life in late 1960's East End London . 2. A very engaging story inspired by the first time actors themselves.