Film: A Clockwork Orange 18 rating Year: 1971
A Clockwork Orange Artwork
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Warren Clarke, Michael Bates

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A Clockwork Orange Synopsis. A Clockwork Orange (based on the Anthony Burgess novel) is set in the not too distant future and revolves around a vicious gang leader by the name of Alex. He spends his days avoiding school, listening to music, and going out wearing his ultra fashion clothes. By night he and his gang (or droogs) go out drinking to sharpen themselves up, and then commence committing "ultra violence" (beating people up / robbery / sexual assault / stealing cars etc). Later on Alex is attacked by his gang of droogs whilst out on a robbery, and he is left to be picked up by the police. He is found guilty of a murder that he committed during the robbery and is sentenced to a long time in jail. During his time in jail he hears about a revolutionary new treatment for violent criminals, which is basically an aversion therapy designed so that, if a person should think of acting violently they will suffer a crippling paralysing nausea which means they would not be able to act violently. Seeing this as a way to get out of prison quickly Alex is the first person to go through the treatment and is released from jail. Unfortunately it is a harsh world he rejoins and some of the people he has attacked in the past meet him again and due to the treatment he is unable to defend himself. How will Alex survive in the world he helped to shape.

Review of A Clockwork Orange. A Clockwork Orange is an absolute masterpiece but has always been deemed a very controversial film. It was withdrawn from general release in the UK by its director Stanley Kubrick (not banned as many believe) and was only then released in the after his death. Strangely during this time it was available throughout the rest of the world (and in many places with a 15 rating). This films reputation as a violent horror movie is not really justified. True there are unpleasant scenes in the film, but the violence is not gratuitous per se and wouldn't be considered hugely shocking if judged by the violence in films today. One of the few minor grumbles about the film is the ending which is left quite enigmatically and sadly does not include the final chapter of the book (which actually is where the message of the story is to be found). So although the story doesn't exactly follow the book, Kubrick did a fantastic job of keeping true to its spirit i.e. the humour, the brutality (of the individual and the state) and the soundtrack is brought to life absoultely amazingly.
The reasons I recommend A Clockwork Orange are: 1. This is one of the most beautifully shot films you will ever see. 2. This story could have been written with Malcolm McDowell in mind (in fact I would suggest that many of his roles use much of Alex's influences). 3. The story is pure gold. 4. The soundtrack of classical music played on synthesizer by Walter / Wendy Carlos is fantastic.