Film: Dead Man's Shoes 18 rating Year: 2004
Dead Mans Shoes DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Thriller / Horror
Director: Shane Meadows
Starring: Paddy Considine, Toby Kebbell, Gary Stretch, Jo Hartley

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Dead Man's Shoes Synopsis - Dead Man's Shoes follows the story of Richard (an ex-soldier) who returns to his home town to find out what happened to his younger brother Anthony (who has considerable learning difficulties). It is clear that a local gang of drug dealers had been bullying Anthony and exploiting his mental disability. Richard plots a "military" style campaign to gain a bloody revenge on behalf of his brother's tormentors.

Review of Dead Man's Shoes - Dead Man's Shoes is the best film by the best director of the next generation of British film directors. The plot is a relatively simple take on a revenge tale, but the dialogue, action and plot twists marks this out a truly special film (no doubt we will see a hugely awful Hollywood remake of this at some stage because its ticks all in the right boxes in terms of a thriller). The two lead actors give amazing performances- Paddy Considine as the avenging brother and Toby Kebbell who provides a hugely skilled, accurate and sympathetic performance as the younger brother with mental disability. Also ex-boxer Gary Stretch proves that he can act (very well actually) and that he is not included in the cast just to be a a name. As ever in Shane Meadows films the soundtrack is worth buying on its own as its got such great music on it - no one else has makes music work in their films quite as well as Shane Meadows does.
The reasons I recommend Dead Man's Shoes are: 1. The film is a top thriller and a contemporary take on the revenge tale. 2. The stunning performances of the cast and in particular the two brothers. 3. The soundtrack is perfectly chosen as a beautiful enhancement to the film. 4. This is a fine example of a film where the story and acting is the star rather than the special effects and stunts.