Film: East is East 15 rating Year: 1999
East is East DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Damien O'Donnell
Starring: Om Puri, Linda Bassett, Jimi Mistry, Chris Bisson, Archie Panjabi

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East is East Synopsis - East is East is set in Manchester in the early 1970's and is the story of George, is an immigrant father from Pakistan, his English wife and their six sons and one daughter. Despite his integration, George is insistent that his family maintain Islamic beliefs and practices. His wife Ella, is supportive, but wants her children to be happy and if that means making their own choices in marriage and beliefs then so be it. The children being between two cultures find their own way of getting through despite, and perhaps in spite of, their father. Will George maintain his insistence on his family sharing his beliefs and risk losing them.

Review of East is East - Although the subject matter seems quite heavy, this is both a really fun and bittersweet film that very neatly crosses between moments of humour and distress. Om Puri and Linda Bassett are superb in their roles, but the children in this film steal the plaudits and are excellent. The story is an excellent insight not only into family life, but also the added problem of finding a path between two cultures.
The reasons I recommend East is East are: 1. A superb young cast. 2. A fantastic script with plenty of humour and much to think about.