Film: Goodbye Charlie Bright 18 rating Year: 2001
Goodbye Charlie Bright DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Nick Love
Starring: Paul Nicholls, Roland Manookian, Phil Daniels, Jamie Foreman, Danny Dyer

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Goodbye Charlie Bright Synopsis - Goodbye Charlie Bright is set in a South London Council estate during a long hot summer. The action centres around Charlie Bright. Charlie is in a a gang of four young lads who hang around the estate and carry out petty crime. But they are starting to grow up and the gang drifts apart leaving Charlie and his best mate Justin. As their world starts to expand too they discover that the big wide world can be a tough and scary place - especially when its time to grow up and be a man.

Review of Goodbye Charlie Bright - On paper this doesn't look like a great set up for a movie - ex-Eastenders actor in his first starring role and Dani Behr as the love interest. This makes it all the more surprising and rewarding when you watch it and discover that this is a terrific little film. The basis of Goodbye Charlie Bright is a typical one of boys on the verge of becoming men, wanting to see more of life and broadening their horizons etc with all the complications of moving into the adult world. But what the story does particularly well is in evoking the surge and confidence of adolescence maturing into adults, and mixing that story up with a crime thriller and moral dilemma. It has to be said Paul Nicholls performance is excellent, and he shows that even though he might not be the next Michael Caine he certainly could be the next Jude Law. Dani Behr doesn't have a particularly challenging role (which from the performance is just as well) , but it does seem to work in a kind of "Julie Christie in Billy Liar" type way".
The reasons I recommend Goodbye Charlie Bright are: 1.A particularly good script of a familiar cinematic theme. 2. The performance Paul Nicholls is very good indeed. 3. A great supporting cast of actors (Phil Daniels, David Thewlis, Danny Dyer, Jamie Foreman, Frank Harper etc).