Film: House 15 rating Year: 2000
House DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy
Director: Julian Kemp
Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Stacey Ashton, Keith Chegwin, Freddie Jones

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House Synopsis - House centres around Linda, and the staff of an old time bingo hall in a small town in Wales. Life is certainly no box of chocolates for Linda and her love life is little better, but when plans for a massive new bingo complex in the same town is given the go ahead, the bingo hall and the community is turned upside down. When everything looks hopeless for the old bingo hall Linda makes a discovery that could save the hall and put her love life on track.

Review of House - House is a simple, quickly made, very good british comedy romance. The humour is not always anything approaching subtle yet the film retains a huge amount of charm and the action moves along very well within a super story. Kelly Macdonald is as engaging as ever and pretty much single handedly carries the film, only the far too infrequently used Mossie Smith and a rare recent cinematic appearance from the legendary Freddie Jones takes any of the limelight away from the lead.

If you can buy this DVD look out for one of the best short films ever which is included as one of the extras on the disc which is the story of door to door salesman - think of Glengarry Glenn Ross but without the scruples!

The reasons I recommend House are: 1. A creditable British comedy that moves along very impressively. 2. Kelly Macdonald steals the film. 3. Rare cinematic appearances from the brilliant and underused Mossie Smith and Freddie Jones.