Film: The Madness of King George pg rating Year: 1994
The Madness of King George DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Historical Drama
Director: Nicholas Hytner
Starring: Nigel Hawthorne, Helen Mirren, Ian Holm, Rupert Everett, Amanda Donohoe

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The Madness of King George Synopsis - The Madness of King George concerns the English monarch King George III. Set to a background of increasing parliamentary power, and instability and dissent within the royal court, this film maps the King's descent from eccentricity into madness. His detractors(within parliament and the royal court (namely his son the Prince of Wales) seek to wrestle the kings power away from him. So arrives the eminent Dr Willis, but can he help the King regain his sanity in time for him to be able to remain the regent?

Review of The Madness of King George - The Madness of King George is a terrific and very humorous tale based on the story of King George III. Although it was based on a play, the transition to the film medium is hugely successful, and indeed does not include any of the restrictions in scope that often come with adaptations of theatrical plays. Both Ian Holm and Nigel Hawthorne give amazing performances in their roles, and the supporting cast are faultless. Alan Bennett's brilliant and very funny script is a delight, and as ever makes you wish he would write more film scripts because he is never off the mark
The reasons I recommend The Madness of King George are: 1. A fantastic cast. 2. Superbly shot and suitably lavish. 3. A terribly humorous script by the master Alan Bennett.