Film: My Name is Joe 15 rating Year: 1998
My Name Is Joe DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Ken Loach
Starring: Peter Mullan, Louise Goodall, David Mckay, David Hayman

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My Name is Joe Synopsis - My Name is Joe is set in a poor area of Glasgow and centres around the character of Joe - an ageing, unemployed, recovering alcoholic. He is also a coach for the local community football team. Joe's life starts to pick up when he meets Sarah (a health worker) and they begin a romance. But Joe's life can be complicated, and one of his players, Liam (an ex addict), has a wife still addicted to drugs, and a young child to support. When it is discovered that to fund her drug habit, Liam's wife has run up debts with the local drug leader, Joe is concerned for Liam and wants to try and help him get out of the situation, but the leader of the drugs gangs wants his money. Can Joe get Liam out of the mess or will he be dragged down with him.

Review of My Name is Joe - As ever with Ken Loach films the subject matter can be a little grim, but there is much humour and life affirming qualities on show. Peter Mullan performance is colossal, and stands out even in this terrifically well cast film. Ken Loach has made many fantastic films, many of them are starkly political in nature, but My Name is Joe is one of Loach's more personally based films proving the adaptabolity and skill of one unquestionably of the worlds top directors.
The reasons I recommend My Name is Joe are: 1. A superb story in which very harrowing subjects are tackled with skill and honesty. 2. The performances of the whole cast, and in particular by Peter Mullan are superb.