Film: My Summer of Love 15 rating Year: 2004
My Summer of Love DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Starring: Natalie Press, Emily Blunt, Paddy Considine, Dean Andrews

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My Summer of Love Synopsis - My Summer of Love is set in a small Yorkshire village during a hot summer and is the story of two girls. Mona, is a tough working class girl who lives in a pub with her brother Phil (an ex-alcoholic and criminal) who is now a fervent "born again" Christian. Tamsin is a well to do girl who is back from boarding school and lives in a big house outside the village. The two girls are very different but its these differences that attract each other and they commence a passionate affair, and glimpse a better future. Phil disapproves of Tamasin, and tries to get both the girls to embrace the righteous path. Dark forces are afoot, but what will happen when then summer has to end.

Review of My Summer of Love - The setting of My Summer Of Love - a quintessentially hot English summer (that we never seem to have any more)- is captured on screen both atmospherically and beautifully, with the story rolling along in an almost fevered dreamlike manner, swooping its way between passion and hatred. To go with the English summer the film owes much to a European style (in particular a considerable French new wave influence), with long sequences with little or no dialogue and plenty of space to allow the beautiful cinematography to do the talking, but with also a British realism influence coming in to play in the naturalistic style of the performances. The powerful story is actually skillfully underplayed by both director and actors, which works so incredibly well even in many of the sequences in the film where there is little dramatic action occurring.

Director Pawel Pawlikowski convened a superb cast for the film with the lead actors Natalie Press, Emily Blunt and Paddy Considine all turning it superb performances, that hold your attention throughout the entire length of the film. Pawel Pawlikowski's two first features (this film and 2000s excellent Last Resort) show a director (and writer) of considerable skill, here's hoping that given his approach to stories and films that are not wilfully commercial, he will find a home somewhere that will allow him the freedom to flourish on his own terms, and we will be waited with baited breaths to view the results.

The reasons I recommend My Summer of Love are: 1. A superb script and story. 2. An interestingly paced and shot film. 3. The main cast give some hugely impressive performances.