Film: P'tang Yang Kipperbang pg rating Year: 1984
P'tang Yang Kipperbang DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Michael Apted
Starring: John Albasiny, Abigail Cruttenden, Alison Steadman, Garry Cooper, Eric Richard

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P'tang Yang Kipperbang Synopsis - P'tang Yang Kipperbang is set in post war England and centres around the character of Alan, a cricket obsessed fourteen year old. Most of his life is taken up with imaginary Cricket commentaries of his imaginary "boys own" heroics playing imaginary cricket for England. That is until Ann, a girl at school, takes his fancy. Unfortunately there are two major stumbling blocks for Alan's pursuit of Ann - firstly Alan is painfully shy, secondly Ann seems to have no interest in him. But lady luck shines on Alan when the drama teacher cast him (completely against type) as the romantic lead opposite Ann in the school play. This prospect is frightening enough but the play requires Alan to kiss her.

Review of P'tang Yang Kipperbang - Another lost classic from the Film Four cannon. The superb story provided by the fantastically charming script from the sorely missed Jack Rosenthal is an absolute delight from start to finish. P'tang Yang Kipperbang also has some truly magical moments - i.e. when we hear legendary cricket commentator John Arlott commentating using cricketing metaphors to commentate on the ups and downs of Alan's life and romantic exploits. The young lead actors do very well in their roles, and added to this the film is suitably well cast. Unfortunately they don't seem to make films like this anymore - more is the pity.
The reasons I recommend P'tang Yang Kipperbang are: 1. A fantastic and charming story by the brilliant Jack Rosenthal 2. A very well cast movie, with great performances by the young lead actors.