Film: Quadrophenia 18 rating Year: 1979
Quadropehnia DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Franc Roddam
Starring: Phil Daniels, Sting, Philip Davis, Leslie Ash, Toyah

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Quadrophenia Synopsis - Quadrophenia follows the life of Jimmy Cooper a mod in early 60's London. During the day he is an office junior in a boring 9 to 5 job where he is the "go for", at night he is a mod and is living the mod dream of pills, scooters, sharp clothes, "birds" and music. During a bank holiday weekend he and the gang go down to Brighton where they are joined from mods from all over London. During the weekend in trying to impress Steph (a girl he has been trying to pull) he gets thrown out of a club and is suddenly alone. The next day he meets up with the gang again and the ongoing feuds with the rockers spills out into a pitch battle with the rockers and the police on the beach. Exhilarated by the fight and running from arrest Jimmy and Steph get get separated from the rest and Jimmy ends up taking Steph up the alley. On the way out Jimmy gets arrested for fighting and gets thrown in prison with the leader of the local mods (the Ace Face) and they end up in court together. When he returns to London everything for the rest of the gang is just the same but Jimmy feels different. With everything seeming to be going backwards for him can he find something to be to get him through?

Review of Quadrophenia - Quadrophenia is the ultimate teenage film and is such an iconic film. It's story is built around the narrative encapsulated in the concept album of the same name by the Who. It is a considerable improvement on the original story and even the music seems to work better within the improved story line. Unlike most low budget films aimed at a youth market this is a film of real depth. The story is at some pains to explore the psyche of youth at that time (in particular the pack mentality) and the rejection of authority etc. On a purely visceral level it is great to see the fashions, music and mood of the 60's captured so well in the film. The casting is particularly believable and its little wonder that many of the cast went on to become household names.
The reasons I recommend Quadrophenia are: 1. The story is is both exciting and deep. 2. The era is captured so well (even though due to budgetary constraints late 70's London cannot be made entirely to look like 60's London - look out for the Austin Allegros etc in the high street scenes). 3. The songs of The Who taken from their best album. 4. A great cast who seemed to be living the dream.