Film: Raining Stones 15 rating Year: 1993
Raining Stones DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Ken Loach
Starring: Bruce Jones, Ricky Tomlinson, Julie Brown

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Raining Stones Synopsis - Raining Stones is set in Northern England and centres around the story of Bob, an unemployed man is trying to make ends meet and support his wife and young daughter. Times are extremely hard and money is scarce, but Bob is proud and tries to retain his values but is getting to his wits end trying to get some money together to buy a communion outfit for his daughter. Things go from bad to worse when his van is stolen and has now no way of getting around and therefore no way of making money. With no other option he borrows some money from a loan company, but the debt is sold onto to a local gangster and now he wants it repaid, and one way or another, he intends to get his money.

Review of Raining Stones - Raining Stones is an archetypal Ken Loach film, and its clear where the sympathies of the film lays. But the allying of Loach's direction to a story by the fantastic Jim Allen could have been an overload. Whereas it is in fact, a skillful and pretty well balanced film documenting the harsh realities of people living below the poverty line. As ever with Loach's style of casting authentically, the excellent performances of the two lead actors Bruce Jones and Ricky Tomlinson, does show up the deficiencies of some of the minor supporting cast. But this is a trade off well worth making as the spirit of the film is maintained superbly by these naturalistic actors.
The reasons I recommend Raining Stones are: 1. A superb story by the genius Jim Allen. 2. Bruce Jones and Ricky Tomlinson brilliantly are a hilariously inept double act.