Film: Richard III 15 rating Year: 1995
Richard III DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Richard Loncraine
Starring: Ian McKellen, Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent, Kristin Scott Thomas, Nigel Hawthorne

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Richard III Synopsis - This film is adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III. Instead of it being set in middle ages, it is here set in 1930's Britain and The House of York is and its followers are fascists. Other than these cosmetic changes, albeit very interestingly and skillfully done, the basic plot remains faithful to the well known story i.e. Richard of Yorks' thirst for ultimate power and the deviant and murderous chicanery that he employs in his attempt to gain the throne.

Review of Richard III - Laurence Olivier's movie version of this story is rightly considered a classic, so it was a brave act to commit this version of the play to the screen. This is another classic and Ian Mckellen really "pulls off" one of literatures ultimate villains. The twist of setting the story to the backdrop of a (half) imagined 1930's fascist state Britain is absolute genius, and makes this story accessible to an audience who may have found Shakespeare difficult to get into in its more traditional setting.
The reasons I recommend Richard III are: 1. The modern setting of this classic is a twist of genius. 2. Ian Mckellen gives a performance that will be remembered for a very long time (ably assisted by a terrific ensemble cast) . 3. This film is beautifully an dynamically shot.