Film: A Room For Romeo Brass 15 rating Year: 1999
A Room For Romeo Brass DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Shane Meadows
Starring: Paddy Considine, Andrew Shim, Ben Marshall, Julia Ford, Bob Hoskins, Frank Harper

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A Room For Romeo Brass Synopsis - This being a film by Shane Meadows it is naturally set in the Midlands. A Room For Romeo Brass revolves around two young teenage boys, Romeo and his best friend and next door neighbour Gavin. Both boys have their own problems to deal with (Romeo has a difficult relationship with his estranged father and Gavin has health problems) but they lead otherwise normal teenage lives until, by chance, they meet Morrel who saves them from being beaten up. Morrel, in his twenties is a loner, and befriends the boys, but its not too long before Morrels' strange behaviour starts to frighten Gavin and make him realise that Morrel is dangerous and unbalanced. Morrel starts to drive a wedge between Romeo from his friend Gavin, but can Romeo see what's happening?

Review of A Room For Romeo Brass - This bittersweet film is a true classic and, in common with his other films, deals in extremes - in this particular film the genuine friendship and innocence of the two boys, and the violence and threat of Morrel. This was Paddy Considine's debut and his performance as the psychotic Morrel marked him out as a true talent of British Cinema. The film also proved that Shane Meadows TwentyFourSeven was no fluke as this film was another superb film. The soundtrack to this film is amazing with music by Ian Brown, Donovan, Beth Orton, Belle and Sebastian to name but a few, and for its time the choice of artists was pretty brave.
The reasons I recommend A Room For Romeo Brass are: 1. Paddy Considine's Performance. 2. The performances of the young actors . 3. The fantastic story. 4. The soundtrack.