Film: Shallow Grave 18 rating Year: 1994
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Country: UK Genre: Drama / Thriller
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox, Keith Allen

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Shallow GraveSynopsis - Shallow Graverevolves around three flatmate's looking to rent out the 4th room in their house. When they decide upon a suitable tenant (Keith Allen!), he takes the room, locks himself inside and that's the last they hear from him (oh if only reality was like that and Keith Allen could do that). When three days later they break down the door they are confronted with a shock. On the negative side their new flat mate is dead, but on the positive side he has left a briefcase full of cash. The three flatmates decide to keep the money and bury the evidence (which is fine behaviour for a future Dr Who - I don't think). But who can be trusted with the loot

Review of Shallow Grave - Shallow Grave was the start of the resurgence in well made contemporary British films, and paved the way for the likes of Trainspotting to be able to make it huge, and its importance to modern British cinema cannot be underestimated. Although the film doffs its cap to certain cinematic cliches, it manages to provide something very different. The very darkly comic tale by John Hodge is actaulised superbly by Danny Boyle and his team. The trio of lead actors - Kerry Fox, Christopher Ecclestone and Ewan McGregor take on the the weight of of carrying the movie with an absolute ease. A truly exceptional and groundbreaking film.
The reasons I recommend Shallow Grave are: 1. A savagely dark and funny tale provided by John Hodge. 2. Tremendous performances from Christopher Eccleston, Kerry Fox and Ewan McGregor.