Film: Small Faces 15 rating Year: 1995
mall Faces DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Gillies MacKinnon
Starring: Iain Robertson, Joseph McFadden, Steven Duffy, Laura Fraser, Kevin McKidd

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Small Faces Synopsis - Small Faces is set in Glasgow in 1968 and centres around the story of 13 year old Lex Maclean. Lex lives at home with his mother and two elder brothers, Alan and Bobby. Glasgow's estates are awash with young violent gangs. Bobby is already well entrenched in the local gang. Lex gets caught up in the gang madness when accidentally shoots a gang member with an air rifle and is "persuaded" to work for the gang. The brothers are further dragged into the gang rivalries when a gang leader discovers that his girlfriend is attracted to the unwitting Alan.Will the brothers break free of their gang loyalties for the sake of their family loyalties?

Review of Small Faces - The strength of Small Faces is the ability to tell the story of the brothers in a 3 dimensional way. The story of gang rivalries is the overarching one that drives the action along, but the individual story of the three brothers and, moreover, the exploration of their characters and inter-relationships is what lifts this film far above the slew of similar gang loyalty films. The film is also very well cast and Iain Robertson and Jospeh McFadden (Lex and Alan) carry the film very well indeed. Also worth mentioning the performances of Kevin McKidd and Laura Fraser who both went on to bigger things after this movie.
The reasons I recommend Small Faces are: 1. An impressive and well rounded script 2. A very well cast movie