Film: A Taste of Honey 15 rating Year: 1961
A Taste of Honey DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Tony Richardson
Starring: Dora Bryan, Rita Tushingham, Robert Stephens, Murray Melvin

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A Taste of Honey Synopsis - A Taste of Honey is set in the damp dreary surroundings of a tough northern England town. Jo is working class teenager who lives with her mother who is a keen drinker and man eater. When Jo's mum gets married Jo is forced to leave home. Jo agrees to find a room together with Geoffrey, a gay colleague from work. Subsequently Jo falls pregnant after a one-night stand with a Black sailor. Geoffrey takes over the preparations for the baby's birth, and things seem to be going well - too well as Jo's mother turns up to make trouble.

Review of A Taste of Honey - A Taste of Honey, written by the fantastic Shelagh Delaney, is way ahead of its time. It certainly broached on many a subject that was not familiar to cinema audiences at the time, and it stands the test of time remarkably well even today. Its unremitting dreariness and hard times feeling is particularly engaging, as is the superb performance of the adorable Dora Bryan. This is perhaps the finest of the kitchen sink dramas.

The DVD seems hard to find in the States and commands high prices - import it from the UK as its relatively inexpensive to buy.

The reasons I recommend A Taste of Honey are: 1. Written by Shelagh Delagney. 2. Superb performance from Dora Bryan. 3. For any Smiths fans - watch this film and learn where Morrissey has "borrowed" plenty of lyrics from.