Film: That'll Be The Day 15 rating Year: 1973
Thta'll Be The Day DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Claude Whatham
Starring: David Essex, Ringo Starr, Rosemary Leach, Billy Fury, Keith Moon

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That'll Be The Day Synopsis - That'll Be The Day is set in the 1950's England centres around Jim, a young man who lives at home with his mother. The family were abandoned by his father when Jim was young, and his mother is concerned that Jim may have inherited his fathers restlessness - especially when Jim decides to give up on his schooling. In an attempt to break away and gain some independence, Jim looks for a job and eventually finds some excitement when he meets up with Mike, who gets him a job at the local holiday camp. Jim learns all the scams to make extra money and also enjoys the seemingly never ending line of young women that come through the holiday camp. Eventually this turns sour when the less seemly side of camp life catches up with him, and he watches on as Mike gets beaten up. Returning home to work in his mothers shop he looks to settle down and in due course he gets married and has a child, but will his restless ways ever leave him?

Review of That'll Be The Day - Very few films can come close to That'll Be The Day for the energy and excitement that the film conveys. David Essex turns in a terrific performance as the restless, selfish young rock and roll obsessed wanderer. The story is superbly visceral and is perhaps the best film about the booming teenage phenomenon of the 1950's and 60's (only eclipsed perhaps by Quadrophenia which was about the early 1960's). What also works well is the performances of the rock legend Billy Fury, and especially Ringo Starr (as Mike) who is excellent. The follow up film is Stardust is also excellent albeit a darker and less innocent movie. I would heartily recommend both films.
The reasons I recommend That'll Be The Day are: 1. A superbly visceral tale of a 1950's teenager. 2. Great performances - most especially by the leads - David Essex and Ringo Starr.