Film: The Tichborne Claimant pg rating Year: 1998
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: David Yates
Starring: John Gielgud, Stephen Fry, Robert Pugh, John Kani

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The Tichborne Claimant Synopsis - The Tichborne Claimant is based on a true story set in the late 19th century England and concerns the disappearance of Sir Roger Tichborne, in a shipwreck. Some years later rumours abound that Sir Roger survived the wreck and is living in Australia.The Tichborne family valet, Bogle, is sent to Australia by the family to meet the man in order to verify his claims. Bogle is suspicious when he meets the claimant (a drunken and decidedly dodgy looking fellow) claiming to be Sir Roger, but after Bogle is cut adrift by the Tichborne family (after 50 years loyal service) he agrees to coach the claimant into the role of Sir Roger Tichborne, on the proviso that they will split the inheritance if they are successful in convincing the family who are required to verify the claim. The plan seems to be working as they manage to start convincing people but will they be able to pull it off.

Review of The Tichborne Claimant - As if to prove the old adage truth is stranger than fiction, The Tichborne Claimant has a great story at its centre but has also the subtle under story of Bogle, that plays along very nicely and adds a very interesting dimension to proceedings. The standout performance in the film is by Stephen Fry (which is no mean feet bearing in mind the appearance by John Gielgud) who plays the overbearing lawyer trying to prove that the claimant is not Lord Tichborne. I'm not sure this film has ever been released on DVD or VHS in the USA , but if you can catch it on tv make sure you watch it as its a great film.
The reasons I recommend The Tichborne Claimant are: 1. A truly fantastic story. 2. A fantastic cast - especially good performances from Stephen Fry and John Gielgud.