Film: Twenty Four Seven 15 rating Year: 1997
Twenty Four Seven DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Drama
Director: Shane Meadows
Starring: Bob Hoskins, Bruce Jones, James Hooton

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Twenty Four Seven Synopsis - We are in familiar geographical grounds here for Shane Meadows - a tough East Midlands Housing Estate. With little enough money, prospects and hope, times are tough for the young people living on the estate. Add to that the lack of anything to do and they start hanging around the streets causing trouble. Alan, an older man brought up in the same circumstances years before, decides to do something about it. He decides to try to get the kids interested in something in order to give them some focus and purpose to their lives, and to this end sets up an amateur boxing club. After some resistance the local lads get behind the project and they start training for a Boxing evening with another local club. Enthused by the purpose, they begin to believe they can achieve something, and also start to bond within the boxing team. But the team is only a strong as the weakest links, so in difficult circumstances, can the team and trainer keep it together long enough for the boxing evening to take place.

Review of Twenty Four Seven - Twenty Four Seven was Meadows first full length feature (coming a year after his promising extended short Small Time). I would suggest that this film ranks alongside the best directorial debuts in Cinema for many years. It is a testament to Shane Meadows ability that for a film with such a small budget and a somewhat parochial setting, that he managed to persuade the then, hugely in demand Bob Hoskins, to take the lead role. Hoskins gives a superb performance in the lead role, and even after all the "this ones for the money" films he made in Hollywood, he proves he is still one of the best actors around. The young supporting cast are almost exclusively unknowns, but they are fantastic here and work tremendously well together. The choice (?) of shooting in Black and White really helps to underscore the grim exposed nature of the films subject. Worth mentioning again - this being a Shane Meadows Film, then obviously the soundtrack (and its use) is fantastic.
The reasons I recommend Twenty Four Seven are: 1. A fantastic and gritty story. 2. Superb ensemble performances. 3. Bob Hoskins is superb. 4. An excellent soundtrack.