Film: The Wicker Man 15 rating Year: 1973
The Wicker Man DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Horror
Director: Robin Hardy
Starring: Edward Woodward, Christopher Lee, Britt Ekland

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The Wicker Man Synopsis - An uptight and religious Scottish Policeman (Sergeant Howie) is sent off to a remote and isolated island to investigate the reported disappearance of a young girl on the island. All the islanders are very unhelpful with his enquiries, and strangely, seem to be practicing the many old pagan traditions. As his investigations turns up precious few traces of the girl, he begins to suspect the islanders are covering up the girls disappearance, and increasingly becomes convinced that the girl either has, or shortly will, be made a sacrifice to the pagan gods. But with the close knit villagers seemingly determined to put him off the scent, can he stop this sacrifice to the gods?

Review of The Wicker Man- What a film. It has the look of a hammer horror film, but it significantly different in that the story and script is nothing short of a classic. This film is an absolute classic. What starts out looking like a fairly standard "hammer horror" story slowly unfolds into an incredibly well written, and relatively believable suspense thriller. If only all films paid this much attention to detail and to having a solid story. Allied to the story, the film also looks visually stunning (especially impressive given its B movie budget and shooting schedule). Of course the hollywood remake is absolutely awful but hopefully at least it might prompt those yet to see the original film to check it out.
The reasons I recommend The Wicker Man are: 1. The story is amazing. 2. The Soundtrack is one of the best ever made. 3. Both Christopher Lee and Edward Woodward give probably the finest performances of their careers. 4. The film has without doubt, one of the best endings of any film that you will ever see.