Film: Wish You Were Here 15 rating Year: 1987
Wish You Were Here DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: David Leland
Starring: Emily Lloyd, Tom Bell, Jesse Birdsall, Barbara Durkin

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Wish You Were Here Synopsis - Wish You Were Here is set in an English seaside town in the early fifties and centres around Lynda a sixteen year old with problems. Her mother has died previously and her father is a drinker and has little interest in his family other than making sure they do not embarrass him. Lynda seeks attention wherever possible and wilfully defies all those who look down on her. Her attention seeking ways move from swearing, to flashing her legs at any man - just like the movie stars do, and then onto her curiosity about sex itself. An abortive attempt with a young inexperienced man then leads onto a sexual encounter with a much older man - a projectionist at the local cinema (a masonic friend of her father). This encounter leads her fall pregnant and even further disapproval of local "polite" society. But she is even more determined not to be beaten down by others disapproval.

Review of Wish You Were Here - The story is loosely based on the early life of future Madame and media celebrity Cynthia Payne. Written by the brilliant David Leland (Mona Lisa, Made in Britain etc). The joy of this film is the exuberance and skill of the performance of first time actress Emily Lloyd. The mix of innocence, cheeky rebellion and vulnerability that she managed to exude in the film is very impressive indeed. The story itself rolls along rather well through its entirety and the humour is very neatly countered by both the dark elements afoot here, and by the uncompromising bravado shown by the character of Lynda. The loosely based sequel to this story (also by David Leland) is Personal Services - the story of a Madame of a suburban brothel.
The reasons I recommend Wish You Were Here are: 1. Superb performance by newcomer Emily Lloyd 2. A very good story written by David Leland.