Film: Wonderland 15 rating Year: 1999
Wonderland DVD Cover
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Country: UK Genre: Comedy / Drama
Director: Michael Winterbottom
Starring: Shirley Henderson, Stuart Townsend, Gina McKee, John Simm, Molly Parker, Ian Hart

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Wonderland Synopsis - Wonderland is set in London and concerns three twenty something sisters Debbie, Nadia and Molly who are all looking for something in their lives. Debbie is a hairdresser and single parent with a young child, Nadia is a waitress who is searching for love and companionship and Debbie, whose baby is due any day. These are uncertain times and the lives of each of the sisters is no different, all complicated by the men in their lives be it the violent ex of Debbie, the men that Nina meets in her search for love, or the father to be of Debbie's unborn baby who doesn't know whether he can stand up to the commitment and pressures of being a father. Will any of the sisters find the contentment that they long for.

Review of Wonderland - Michael Winterbottom has assembled a great cast here, and they work together effortlessly as this multi-stranded story comes together. The story itself is relatively low key and reminds you of some Mike Leigh films in that respect, however this is a more contemporary film than that and it does nothing to harm his reputation as one of the best young directors around at the time. Wonderland itself is not hugely well known, but is an underrated gem of a film , and no doubt as Michael Winterbottom continues to his career trajectory his earlier lesser well known films may be exposed to a wider audience.
The reasons I recommend Wonderland are: 1. A superb ensemble cast. 2. An underplayed and superbly executed story.