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100 British movies you must see

The Wicker ManA Clockwork Orange

20 World Cinema movies you must see

La JeteeThe Piano Teacher

20 US movies you must see

The Virgin SuicidesBuffalo 66

Themed guides

Interactive Advent CalendarMovies that make you feel Christmassy Bearing in mind there is now less than 365 shopping days left until the festive season why not get yourself in the mood (or a mood certainly) by looking at our indispensable guide (in the form of an interactive advent calendar) to the "Movies that make you feel Christmassy". During the last festive period it featured on both the font page of (6th Dec 2006) and was the Yahoo pick for 8th Dec 2006. During December we invited voters to disagree with our selection - which they did in their droves. Why not check out the guide and disagree with us some more.


Haunted House of HorrorHorror Movies. Interactive Haunted House Guide to the top Scary movies and Horror films. With Halloween in mind, we have painstakingly put together a list of our favourite Scary movies and Horror films. We have chosen to do this in the form of a very horrible interactive Haunted House of Horror. Scary stuff. Check out the Haunted House of Horror, if you dare! whooa ha ha ha!


Love guide logoLove Film Guide: Our Film guide (with a twist) to Love, Passion and Romance . Originally put together for Valentines Day and now back, entirely contrary, to popular demand! All put together with a large dash of humour and plenty of "tongue in cheek" (but we are not telling whose and which).



Scottish flag logoScottish Film: Originally put together for Burns night our deep fried but light hearted guide to Scottish movies and Scottish culture celebrating our own Scottish routes via a trip round this historic country and its considerable cinematic tradition.



Cache DVD coverTop 25 DVD Releases of 2006: What where we watching during 2006? Here is our list of the best DVD film releases of 2006. The list includes a real mixture of mainstream and more left field films but they all have have two things in common - firstly they received a DVD release during 2006 either in the USA or the UK, and secondly they are all great movies - with the exception of The Da Vinci Code - what were we thinking? logo

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