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In honour of the forthcoming Halloween, we have painstakingly put together a list of our favourite Scary movies and Horror films (not a list of the scariest movies of all time, just our favourite ones). The links to the list are hidden below in the form of a very horrible Haunted House of Horror, containing some characters and objects of horror movie legend. If you chose to enter the Haunted House of Horror beware its scary stuff. Use the torch to find your way round the room and click on the characters and objects (not the window or the clock - they're just the furniture) to open up our individual reviews in our guide to the top scary movies. There are 16 to find. Good luck.

Abandon hope all ye who enters here aargh! and remember don't be the last one into the room - its always the last one in that gets done in first!

(Please note this Haunted House doesn't work in Internet Explorer browsers prior to IE 6).

Afraid of the dark? Click Haunted House with lights to go to the version with the lights on - you can also check here whether you found all 16 links.

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