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Here are some links to sites that you may or may not like.

Our sister site

Our sister site The Cult of ...TV , which focuses on the very best in cult TV. Including news, reviews, features, DVD and blu-ray releases and all the usual nonsense you have come to expect from alt-flix.

Also check out the Cult Of TV twitter page for lots of TV news and views and all the nonsense we are getting up to.

Movie links

alt-flix links

The alt-flix blog. Keep up to date with all the news on contemporary cinema with the alt-flix blog. Subscribe for up to the minute news so that you never have to miss a word. Or keep up to to date by the minute with alt-flix on Twitter

General Top of the pile but undoubtedly our favourite site is the utterly ubiquitous and almost encylopedic (almost encyclopedic - there are still plenty of gaps to fill). We also love their independent movie section.

BFI - The British Film Institute. Another amazing site that is never out of our favourite lists. Utterly definitive, informative and also releases some amazing DVDs via their own label. Their ever expanding donwload section is a real joy.

Senses Of Cinema. Another absolute favourite of ours. An online journal that includes superb sections on the great directors.

Masters Of Cinema. Classic site with a wealth of information about many directors and their works.

British Film links Massive site and one of our very favourites to concentrate on British films.

British Film resource. Excellent site with lost of content including a section on Film On Four.

Another excellent site for information about is British Movies


Horror Movie Links

Awaken The Dead

Awaken The Dead Poster

The genre reinvogorating, darkly humourous zombie drama. An independent low budget flick bound to please both die hard zombie horror fans and the wider general audiences who have made succeses of such new wave zombie inspired films like 28 Days Later and Shaun of The Dead. Check out the movie at the movie at the Awaken The Dead official site or its myspace page.

british horror movies pic

Possibly the finest British Horror Film site on the net. Gorgeous and visceral and all about British Horror Movies. Go there, but be prepared to stay a while.

British Horror

The number one site for the number one horror movie of all time. Excellent stuff.

The Exorcist Directory.

A superbly goretastic site lurks here - Oh my gore

A great site from canada - it does what it says on the tin

Film Reviews Links


Excellent site for information about British Movies

Film Reviews Compare ratings, prices, read reviews and write your opinions and experiences of Film Reviews.

Music Links

The Rowan Amber Mill .

Rowan's Amber Millfolk devils and moral panics cover

Just what everybody has been waiting for - folky psychy type music from the sunniest West Country of Olde Englande and eminating from a band called The Rowan Amber Mill.

The Rowan Amber Mill home page or their appearance on The Rowan Amber Mill on myspace or The Rowan Amber Mill Twitter page or The Rowan Amber Mill on Last FM

You can download The Rowan Amber Mill music and buy their CDs over at Pop over to The Rowan Amber Mill at CDbaby.

Also you can download The Rowan Amber Mill music in CD quality at the totally ethical and rather wonderful for next to nothing (just over £1.25 / $1.70 for their folk devils and moral panics 6 track mini album).

Our other favourite bands

Tunng our favourite clicky, beaty alt-folkists, and one of the best live bands around. Also see the Tunng myspace.

Circulus inventors of the medieval music of the future past.

Espers the finest psych folksters. Also see the Espers myspace.

The Owl Service great name, amazing music.

The Green Man Festival - The best music festival in the known universe. Alo see the Green Man Festival myspace.

Stephen Duffy - A site showing how to play the songs of my favourite country folk pop artist Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time guitar chords




Get all the very latest, and choicest deep fried pop news and features from the good people at Windypops. Check out the site to read the fascinating feature on the ancient Marc Bolan chalkhill carving recently discovered in Wiltshire, also the exclusive pre-release CD review of Summers End by Floribundas - the band that is causing so much trowel-rattling in and around potting shed's and orangery's the length and breadth of this country at the moment. All this, plus the absolutely essential Popcast. The homepage is or listen to the Popcast at their myspace site.

Misc Links

Network DVD. Possibly the finest DVD label in existence. Specialising in the release of older TV series and cult films, they have released such gems as Alan Clarke's Billy The Kid And The Green Baize Vampire, Oliver's Richard III, Budgie, Emmerdale Farm, Crown Court, One Summer, The Owl Service, Michael Bentine's Potty Time and 3 double DVD volumes of 1970s kids TV show Pipkins (our personal fave).

Web Page Designing

A book that I have used to help designing parts of my website is CSS, DHTML & AJAX - Visual Quickstart Guide by Jason Cranford Teague, published by Peachpit Press. Its a very thorough book and well worth a look for those wanting to expand their web design skills. The accompanying website is also very handy too. For more info go to the website


Mally Welburn - A devastatingly frank and open true life story that is simply crying out for a film to be made about it.