You know the plot - Sam and Molly are deeply in love. Sam gets murdered and enters a hinterland between this world and the spirit world (basically he is a ghost). The ghostly Sam finds he can communicate with a severely overacting spiritualist (love and light), and through the medium he is able to persuade Molly that she is in danger. Most impressively Sam is able to help Molly to construct a monumental piece of pottery, and at the same time help The Righteous Brothers to be able to retire on the record publishing royalties - which is nice. But sadly at the end of Sam must depart which is very emotional for Molly (as she still had enough wet clay left for about five large oriental vases and a couple of fruit bowls).

Given the frankly ridiculous plot, and some dodgy acting here and there it is to the films credit that it still manages to be entertaining in a kind of ok for a chick flick kind of way - and amazingly even Whoopi Goldberg couldn't ruin this film.