An Officer and A Gentleman

Mayo is a young man who has joined up for Navy Flight School to become an aviator (why didn't he just join the air force?). He toughs out the training despite being singled out for special attention by the drill sergeant and proves he has the mettle to become an Officer. In the middle of this he falls in love with a local girl Paula, but the course of true love doesn't run smooth in the macho life of the Navy chap.

What about this for one of the best lines spoken in any film "Don't you eyeball me mayonnaise" - so barks the drill instructor who is the real star of the film, or maybe the star of the film are the immaculate white officer suits worn at the end of the film. Who could ever forget the scene at the end to the strains of "Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong" where Mayo goes to Pledges Pickles factory (or whatever) where Paula works and carries her in his arms straight out of the factory to a new life, which actually contravenes 47 separate health and safety regulations. This film reminds me very much of a heterosexual version of Top Gun, obviously Richard Gere is perfect in this film but would have been much too butch for Top Gun.