Lets recap this one. Cool guy pretending to be sweet Guy, meets sweet girl on holiday. Back at school sweet girl unexpectedly meets cool guy again. Cool guy pretends to be tough guy - sweet girl not impressed. Sweet girl dates good but dull guy. Cool guys feelings hurt. Cool guy again pretends to be sweet guy, Sweet girl swallows it (not literally). Cool guy tries his luck, sweet girl closes car door on his furry dice. Cool Guy misses sweet girl, and vice versa. Sweet girl pretends to be dirty girl by cunning use of a mad perm and satin trousers that are so tight that she needs to be stitched into them, cool guy pretends to be jock guy. Guy and Girl finally get it together and drive off in car that for reasons unknown manages to fly in to the air. Great film makes way for truly awful sequel.

"Grease is the word", but perhaps the words should have been Sexual Chemistry as the casting of the two lead roles couldn't have been more perfect. Next time you watch the film keep an eye out for the rather suggestive cartoon that is playing in the background during the drive in movie sequence.