Whether we like to admit it or not statistically most people have seen this film - whether this is due to it being a great film or the power of the film industries marketing campaigns I will leave it to you decide (the answer is the marketing campaign by the way).

A huge budget modern Hollywood take on the Titanic story with a more realistic focus would have made for a fantastic film, but would it have gone on to be so huge - I doubt it. So what we have here is a good love story displacing one of the greatest stories every told. An overly sentimental script, two fantastically attractive actors who know the score, and a sickly sweet soundtrack by queen of cringe Celine Dion, all of which come together to form a truly stodgy confection. It's definitely a romantic film, but it certainly leaves you begging for less.

There is but one silver lining in all of this - it is unlikely there will be a Titanic 2.