Three Colors White

The second film in Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy. A genius study of love, obsession and revenge.

The film centres around the character of Karol, a Polish Immigrant, and his French wife Dominique whose brief marriage is annulled on the basis that Karol has not been able to consummate the marriage. Losing the wife he loves and is obsessed by, hits him hard and he ends up sleeping rough in the metro, whilst his wife moves on and openly flaunts her new man. Karol meets a wealthy man Mikolaj, who wishes to have someone killed and will pay Karol money to carry it out, but Karol cant go through with it as Mikolaj wants himself killed. The two form a friendship and Karol is smuggled back to Poland to start picking up his old life as a hairdresser. By clever chicanery and deals Karol starts to make lots of money and with Mikolajs help, builds up a huge business empire, all seemingly to win back Dominique. But nothing is quite as it seems.