24 movies Guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy

December 3rd - A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story poster

Year : 1983

Director: Bob Clark

Starring: Darren McGavin, Melinda Dillon, Peter Billingsley.

A Christmas Story

Here's a film guaranteed to may you feel Christmassy (especially if you are American) - A Christmas Story.

A little explanation about this film first as I'm sure not that many people outside of America have heard of the film. This film is a staple of Christmas TV in the US, and is held in tremendous affection by our American friends - it is to American christmas TV what The Snowman, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and The Great Escape all rolled into one is for us in Britain. Over here the film is little known, its few TV airings have always been tucked away in the schedules. It is also yet to receive a DVD release outside America.

The film itself is a charming and sentimental tale centring around a young boy agonising about whether he will get a BB Gun (a Junior Air Rifle?) for Christmas. It reminds me very much of the American TV series The Wonder Years, as we get the action narrated by the young boy once he is grown up and looking back on this part of his younger life. Where the film really excels is it's skill in managing to encompass the magic of a child's Christmas and then mixing this with a bittersweet look at a child's take on his family and his surroundings.

As a film it was never going to win awards for being the best film ever made, or for the best writing or acting, but the film does capture the Christmas magic particularly well, which when you consider the difficulty films having in doing so is an achievement in itself. It is an undeniably absolutely charming film, and at this time of year, we can all appreciate the sentimentality in this universal story. Aaah.

So if you want a bit of Christmas magic, and also to watch something new check out go A Christmas Story - if you can. With very few TV showings and its "only available on import" status of the DVD here is hoping that whilst our American friends get this film shown on TV, VHS versions, DVD versions and even recent HD and Bluray versions, that we in Britain get at least a standard DVD release soon (I had to buy mine on import).

A Christmas Story is a good little film and quite easily accessible despite its very american centred story. It is placed at December 3rd in our Films guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy (UK edition) .

Latest News: The house featured in A Christmas Story has now opened its doors to the public, so that all year round you can visit the house (and museum) and take a look around where these many famous scenes were shot. Go to the A Christmas Story House website for further details and also to check out the wealth of information contained there.

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