24 movies Guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy

December 5th - Home Alone

Home Alone  Poster

Year : 1990

Director: Chris Columbus

Starring: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, John Candy.

Home Alone

Plot hole - what plot hole.

The story centres around Kevin, an 8 year old who gets left home alone by accident, in his family's rush to the Airport for their Christmas vacation in France - only realising their mistake when its too late and they are already far away. Kevin relishes the chance to have the run of the house himself, that is until the house comes under attack from two burglars who attempt to ransack the house, but can Kevin keep them at bay long enough for help to arrive.

Ok lets get it over with first - the ridiculous conceit of the parents forgetting to take their child with them on holiday - ok have you got it out of your systems? Then I'll begin. Lets bear in mind that its a kids movie ok - so the plot doesn't matter that much (just as well as this is a John Hughes script). Where it works is that it is amongst the slapstick there are some genuinely very inventive traps and gags. Culkin's naive acting actually stands him in good stead for both his portrayal as the smart child and, more especially, for the comedic aspect of his role. But the real stars of the film, and the ones who ultimately make the film watchable are Pesci and Stern who make a terrific double act as the bumbling crooks Harry and Marv. Pesci's role is all the more pleasing given his previous role was the psychotic gangster in Goodfellas (the film rather than the Pizza).

Yes its corny, and parts of it are plain dumb, but its Christmas the right time of the year for dumb fun. Enjoy yourself and forget about the ridiculous central pivot of the plot.

Home Alone is placed at December 5th on our Films guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy (UK edition).

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