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December 14th - Santa Claus The Movie

Santa Claus The Movie Poster

Year : 1995

Director: Jeannot Szwarc

Starring: Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, David Huddlestone.

Santa Claus The Movie

The real Santa Claus makes one of his rare cinematic appearances - presumably this was filmed in the spring and summer when he wasn't so busy.

The story begins in the 14th century where a peasant wood cutter, Claus, and his wife get caught in a terrible snowstorm, they get rescued, and taken up high into the magical mountains where they are greeted by the Elves who have been told in a prophecy of such a day. The head elf explains to Claus and his wife that they have been brought here to carry out their destiny of making toys for every child in the world. The rest is history. We catch up with Claus and the elves in the modern day and an invention provided by one of the elves (Patch) that will lead to mass production of the traditionally hand made toys by the elves. Unfortunately the device proves unreliable which leads to children having defective toys on Christmas morning. Embarrassed by the failure of his invention and upset by his treatment by Santa and the other elves Patch decides to leave the the North Pole and go and try to make his mark in the real world. Unfortunately he meets a shoddy toy manufacturer who intends to exploit Patch's magic and challenge the dominance of Santa himself in the Christmas market.

This is a charming little film. One that seeks to combine the legend of Santa Claus in with a light hearted modern day tale of the commercial battle for christmas. It does that particularly well and rather than attempting some kind of "disney" representation of the Santa and the elves, it is done with quite some humour. Of all the movies that centre on Santa this is the pick of the bunch and well worth a watch during the festive period.

It is significant for one of the few times in cinematic history that Santa's real Elves are shown on camera - many of them look sort of familiar though. In fact I'm sure I saw one of them in the BBC sitcom "The Young Ones".

Santa Claus The Movie is placed at December 14th on our Films guaranteed to make you feel Christmassy (UK edition).

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