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December 23rd - National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Poster

Year : 1989

Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik

Starring: Chevvy Chase, Beverley D'Angelo, Dianne Ladd, Randy Quaid.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

After the emotion of yesterday's film, we can all settle down to some mindless slapstick with the crazy adventures of the extended family Griswold

Normally we wouldn't give Chevy Chase the time of day in our house, but it is Christmas after all, and as the struggling everyman - Clark W Griswold he is at least palatable. In fact I would go as far as saying I would even share a festive eggnog with Mr Griswold.

The plot (such as it is) is that Clark, and the family Griswold are preparing for a family Christmas, not just any family Christmas but the best family Christmas ever. Involving the in-laws, elderly relatives, the biggest Christmas tree from the forest and, for the outside of the house, Christmas lights so numerous that they may just be visible from space. To top it off, with the Christmas bonus cheque due any day, Clark will be able to announce to the whole extended family his intention to install a pool in the back garden. That's the plan anyway. But being the Griswold's things are never quite that easy. With the Christmas lights not working, the tree infested with squirrels, the extended family bickering and the Christmas bonus cheque not yet arrived things look bleak, but Clark is determined that everyone should enjoy Griswold family Christmas come what may. Then cousin Eddie arrives.

When I tell you that this film was written by John Hughes (Weird Science, Ferris Bueller, Uncle Buck, Home Alone etc) you'll know exactly what you are getting - a paper thin plot, lots of half hearted gags and even more ridiculous shenanigans. It's true that Christmas Vacation is prone to slip into all of those pitfalls, but despite that it is a film you can sit, watch and enjoy without having to think about it too much*. Its probably what could be considered (relatively) good clean fun or maybe dumb fun, but fun all the same. Hey its Christmas - we can all go back to being arty and terribly serious about things in the new year.

* Actually there is one particular thing in the film that makes you think quite deeply about it. That is how does Chevvy Chase manage to make that empty box look so much like its got a cat inside it?

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