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Latest UK DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 8th September 2008

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Our top 3 DVD releases 8th September 2008

1. Chemical Wedding

Now any film based on a screenplay written by Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, doesn't exactly set your imagination aflame but this blackly comic horror stars a wonderfully over the top (is there any other kind) Simon Callow. Callow stars as Cambridge professor who who becomes possessed by the spirit of the legendary occultist, Aleister Crowley. Then it starts getting really weird.

2. Charlie Bubbles

A very welcome re-release for the 1960s classic starring the wonderful Albert Finney who plays the title role of a successful writer who has lost his way and looks to reconnect with his roots and family. A superb film based on the script by the very wonderful Shelagh Delaney (A Taste Of Honey and Dance With A Stranger ).

3. Caramel

Aka Sukkar banat. Nadine Labaki's (who co-wrote and starred) refreshing bittersweet film from 2007 tells the tales of the lives of 5 woman in a beauty salon is Beirut.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 8th September 2008

California Dreamin'

Set in a Romanian town during the 1999 Kosovo Conflict, focusing on a bureaucratic station master who causes friction over a paperwork technicality when a US-manned NATO train wishes to stop in his domain.

Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

A revealing documentary on the life and work of renowned American photographer Annie Leibovitz. A mesmerizing insight into the glitzy world of celebrity culture.

Black Irish

A gifted athlete tries to rise above his family's problems in this drama about an Irish-Catholic family in South Boston.


When a thief screws up a heist, he is sent over to Russia to make amends only to mess that up too and this time things turn nasty in the form of bloodsucking zombies.

Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun

When scientists a hundred years in the future discover a 'duplicate' Earth on the other side of the sun, they are determined to find out what this new world is like, and set up an expedition to reach the new planet.


Laurin is haunted by gloomy dreams and hallucinations. By unraveling the mystery of what is happening in a quaint harbour town she puts her own life at risk.

Our Daily Bread

This extraordinary documentary dispenses with any narration instead choosing to show a collage of images illustrating how food is prepared in factories.

Smiley Face

Anna Faris stars as Jane, a clumsy aspiring actress whose tendency to find herself in odd situations gets in the way of her finding success.

The Two Sides of the Bed

AKA Los 2 Lados de la Cama. The sequel to Spain's box office smash the equally farcical The Other Side of the Bed.

September's Blu-ray release of the month

No Country For Old Men

Multi-oscar winning return to form for the Coen brothers. The film looks absolutely stunning on Blu-ray thanks to some stunning cinematography, and with more releases of this quality it will only be a matter of time before everyone catches on to this amazing format, and for those juststarting out in Blu-ray this film would be a superb starting point.

The best of the Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 8th September 2008


Inspired by a true story, 21 mixes Las Vegas casino wheeling and dealing with college-kid angst. Stars Kevin Spacey, Laurence Fishburne and Kate Bosworth.

Army Of Darkness - Evil Dead 3

Unassuming store clerk Ash is time-warped into England's Dark Ages, where he must find the Necronomicon, a compendium of the black arts, before he can return home.

Black Rain

Director Ridley Scott's international crime thriller stars Michael Douglas as Mike Conklin, a New York detective under investigation for corruption.


New York is under attack from a monster who smashes his way through the city destroying everything in his path - if only he'd had a packet of chewits .

Mona Lisa Smile

Mike Newell's period film starring Julia Roberts, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst, and Julia Stiles. Roberts is Katherine Watson, a revolutionary art history teacher who is keen to show her students how much their is to life.

The Eye

The Hollywood adaptation of the renowned and hugely influential 2002 Hong Kong ghost tale by the Pang brothers.

The best of the TV releases (all formats) 8th September 2008

Britain From Above

Combining stunning aerial photography with fascinating social and cultural analysis, investigating how modern Britain works and is monitored from the skies.

Dennis Potter At LWT

Featuring six Dennis Potter plays: 'Blade On The Feather', 'Cream In My Coffee', 'Rain On The Roof', 'Shaggy Dog', 'Moonlight On The Highway' and 'Lay Down Your Arms'.

Capital City: The Complete Series

The TV series which follows the lives of a group of people involved in the money markets. Features both the first and second series of the show.

Dick Turpin: Complete

Highlight of Saturday early evening viewing (after the wrestling before Game For A Laugh) in the early 1980's. Another great release from the Network Label.

Oz - Series 6

The sixth and final season of HBO's prison drama Oz - which aired originally in 2003.

Homicide - Series 6

Complete series 6 of the Barry Levinson drama series about a team of homicide detectives solving cases on the gritty streets of Baltimore.