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Latest USA DVD and Blu-Ray releases week commencing - 11th November 2008

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The top 3 DVD releases 11th November 2008

1. Mister Foe

AKA Hallam Foe. Jamie Bell (the Billy Elliot boy) takes the title role in this dark and twisted tale of obsession and voyeurism. This is an truly imaginative and innovative (and somewhat disturbing) but hugely enjoyable tale and marks out Jamie Bell as a real future star more than capable of making it into the big league.

2. Madame Bovary

A re-release of this epic 1991 adaptation of this notorious literary classic, sees director Claude Chabrol team up again with his favourite leading lady Isabelle Huppert, and yet again to such magnificent effect. Huppert's superb performance may in time come to be seen as her crowning acting achievement.

3. The General (The Ultimate 2-Disc Edition)

That this film made in 1926 still regularly appears in the top end in lists of the greatest films of all time, is testament to the creative genius of Buster Keaton. Ironically his star began to rapidly wane as soon as the film was released. This superb 2 disc edition is absolutely chock full of extras and is an absolute delight.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 11th November 2008


A slice of contemporary hard London street life, looking at the lives of youths growing up in a tough environment where you can show no fear.

Love Songs

Aka Les Chansons D'Amour. French director Christophe Honoré's excellent modern day Parisian musical about love, passion and tragedy

Roberto Rossellini: Director's Series

Master Italian film maker Roberto Rosellini's director series release includes the films Era notte a Roma (Escape By Night) from 1960 and
Dove' la liberta? (Where is Freedom?) 1954.

Opium: Diary of a Madwoman

A superb Hungarian film from 2007 set in 1913 telling the story of a morphine addicted Doctor working in a mental hospital who begins a dangerous affair with a disturbed patient.

Change My Life

Liria Begeja's 2001 film. An enjoyable take on ultra-modern love story (in every way).

Blood And Bones

A great title (noted). This superbly dark, brutal and yet uncomprimisingly beautiful and moral film was Japans official entry as the Best Foreign Language Film for the 2006 Academy Awards.

Other DVD releases this week: Pasion.

The top 3 Blu-ray releases 11th November 2008

1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Star Wars gets back on track with this excellent story that nestles in between episodes 2 and 3. The only criticism is Lucas' choice of animation style that makes it look like a computer game rather than a piece of art. Great shame.

2. Harry Potter Years 1-5

Being one of the most visually impressive series of films, the Harry Potter series is ideally suited to the Blu-ray format. Collected here are the first five films in the series.

3. Hellboy II: The Golden Army

One of the most eagerly awaited sequels for years, as ever the genius of Guillermo del Toro doesn't disappoint for one single minute. As ever this his film looks absolutely stunning (can't wait to see it in HD on Blu-ray - especially with its excellent bonus features).

The best of the rest Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 11th November 2008


Oliver Stone's epic from 1991 that has helped spawn even more endless and increasingly unlikely theories of conspiracies and cover ups. Great cast (even Costner - I never thought I'd ever say that- I doubt I'll ever have to say that again) and an entertaining if ridiculously provocative script.

Black Christmas

Festive horror comes to Blu-ray. This is the original 1974 version of the stalk n slash classic that was remade in with such success in 2006. Merry Christmas! .

The Story of O

This notorious 1975 film from notorious director Just Jaeckin is full of sex and sin. Of its type its definitely one of the best and even has some semblance of a decent story.

The top 3 TV releases (all formats) 11th November 2008

1. Band of Brothers [Blu-ray]

This 10 part series was little short of amazing, especially visually, so it seems fitting that it receives a prompt release on Blu-ray. At times the plot seems a trifle jingoistic and overly sentimentalised, but a great story beautifully made.

2. The Sopranos - The Complete Series

33 discs full of the 6 seasons of one of the best shows made in that last dozen years. We would have made this number one but at $400 its really expensive. Update: Wow they've reduced it to $260 - we're definitely going to buy it now.

3. M*a*s*h TV Season 1

All 24 episodes from season 1 of this amazing show (also released today are seasons 2 - 11. The DVDs unfortunately have no extras but you can chose to turn the laughter track off which is a godsend as the recent showings of M*a*s*h on TV have included that awful, tacky and inappropriate laughter track.


The best of the rest TV releases (all formats) 11th November 2008

Off the Baa/Three Amazing Adventures

Amazing plasticine heroes Wallace and Gromit in there first three outings. Plus the Shaun the Sheep spin off. Charming and hugely funny.

I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series

Five season, 139 episodes all collected on 20 discs. The box set comes with a replica of the decanter that was used as Jeannie`s bottle - unfortunately Jeannie is not included.

Supernatural - The Complete Third Season [Blu-ray]

The complete third season of this US drama series 700minutes of action on 3 Blu-ray discs.

Studio One Anthology

17 stories from the landmark series on 6 discs. Includes the superb and now legendary Tv version of Twelve Angry Men.

The Streets of San Francisco: Season Two, Vol. 2

A year after they released season one they now get around to releasing volume 2 of season 2. A classic piece of 70s TV.

Lone Ranger: 75th Anniversary - Seasons 1 and 2

1900 minutes on 13 discs containing seasons 1 and 2 (from 1949-1950) to commemorate his 75th anniversary. This release has been lovingly remastered and includes loads of good extras including: episodes from the '60s cartoon series, an of Lassie featuring The Lone Ranger, an original 1950 radio show broadcast, plus a commemorative book, a complete episode guide, comic books reprints, photos and collectibles.

Other TV releases this week:M Squad - The Complete Series, Little House on the Prairie: The Complete Television Series, Scrubs: The Complete Seventh Season, Firefly: The Complete Series [Blu-ray], George Gently Series 1 and The Commander Set 1