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Latest USA DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 14th October 2008

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The top 3 DVD releases 14th October 2008

1. Short Cuts

A feature packed Criterion release of director Robert Altman 's 1993 mutli strand story of LA living. The film is packed with stars ala Altman's The Player , but in this film the stars are completely incidental as the story winds through its twisting tales.

2. Still Life

Jia Zhang Ke 's fabulously affecting tale of the change in a town's life (Fengjie) when due to the construction of the 3 Gorges hydro project on the Yangtze River, the town is earmarked for flooding. A stunning film in every sense that so skillfully weaves fact and fiction together to such effect.

3. XXy

A bold, but sensitively played out tale of a hermaphrodite teenager and a new found friend trying to make sense of their relationship, sexualities and their local community. This Argentinean drama has deservedly chalked up numerous awards and nominations, and found itself a wider audience who have praised its unflinching and honest approach to the story.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 14th October 2008

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

Two Roommates have just 24 hours to make the difficult choice of making an arrangement to meet doctor for an illegal abortion. The dark times ahead are dark indeed. A superb movie.

Edge of Heaven

Fatih Akin, director of Head-On, weaves multi strand tales of friendship, sexuality and love. Akin skillfully and sympathetically hits the tone in this humanist set of interwoven tales.

Lady Chatterley

An excellent version of Lawrence's classic tale of class and sex. This is the recent European version of the movie and is here extended by 40 mins to almost 3.5hours in length.

Deadly Game

The slasher flick concentrated with no fat and no frills into this story of gamers at a gaming convention who are lured to remain in the convention overnight by a serial killer.

Alfred Hitchcock Premiere Collection

Collection of the masters work includes: Lifeboat, Spellbound, Notorious, The Paradine Case, Sabotage, Young And Innocent, Rebecca and The Lodger.

Killing of a Chinese Bookie

John Cassavetes 1976 film noir about a club owner who becomes embroiled by local gangsters. This Criterion release includes the theatrical version and also extended Directors cut plus other things.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Despite some decidedly lukewarm reviews of the movie, we actually liked it in it's uncomplicatedness and for sheer visceral fun its hard to beat.

There'll Always Be an England

From its ironic title, this Sex Pistols live show, and more importantly interviews from their London stomping grounds, this is a fascinating and revealing account of one of the most important bands in the history of modern music. We mean it maaan!

The top 3 Blu-ray releases 14th October 2008

1. Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan

Director Sergei Bodrov's stunning oscar nominated film focusing on the battles during the early ascent of the 'Great King' Genghis Khan.

2. The Ultimate Matrix Collection

All the nonsense of all the Matrix films collected in one bundle and looking nothing short of amazing with the clarity of the Blu-ray format.

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

As DVD review above but better looking by far in Blu-ray.

The best of the rest Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 14th October 2008


One of the best of the post 1970 horror movies. Skillfully relying on atmosphere and almost claustrophobic tension, it's transfer to Blu-ray underlines the film's impeccable visual impact.


Enjoyable nonsense about a man in touch with his inner (spirit) self, who teams up with a skeptical LAPD cop investigating the suspicious death of her sister.


Martin Scorsese reunites his GoodFellas team of writer Nicholas Pileggi and actors Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Frank Vincent. This three-hour epic, based on the life of a real life gangster, is not perhaps very best, but still a fantastic movie.

Gangster Gift Set

Superb 3 film gangster set comprising the films: Casino, American Gangster and Eastern promises. A good place to start your Blu-ray collection.

Great Expectations

It may seem an odd concept of a1946 b&w film in Blu-ray, but this film has been superbly restored. David Lean's finest cinematic achievement in a legendary career.

American Gangster

Ridley Scott tempts brilliant performances for the reliable Denzel Washington and the normally patchy Crowe, in this urband landscape film based on a real life gangster - again (why are these gangsters always named Frank).

The top 3 TV releases (all formats) 14th October 2008

1. CSI - Seasons 1- 8

Seasons 1 - 8 of this work of genius. 50 discs full of CSI - that's a lot of crime scene investigating in anyone's book (especially if you add in CSI Miami too).

2. The Unit - Seasons 1-3

Devised by the brilliant David Mamet (Glengarry, Glenn Ross). One of the truly innovative TV series and remarkably fresh and un formulaic even after three seasons.

3. That 70's Show: Complete Giftset

A much hyped show and for once rightly so. A series that showed serious flashes of brilliance (in its own way), and only later in its run did it begin to tread water.


The best of the rest TV releases (all formats) 14th October 2008

The Edwardians

The classic 1970s BBC TV serial with an all star cast telling the tales of some the main figures of Edwardian society such as Messrs Rolls & Royce, Lloyd George, Conan Doyle and Marie Lloyd.

The Universe - The Complete Season Two

The truly fascinating and ever exapnding series from the History Channel. A godsend for us who can't understand Stephen hawking's books.

Adventures of Robin Hood: The Complete Second Season

The swashbuckling series from the 1950s starring very dashing Richard Greene. He stole from the rich and gave to the poor which is ok by us.