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Latest UK DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 15th September 2008

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Our top 3 DVD releases 15th September 2008

1. Rashomon.

Truly a landmark film. Akira Kurosawa 's 1950 tale of human frailty and (dis)honesty was the first of a crop of Japanese classics to truly find an international audience after its triumph at the 1951 Venice Film Festival. Justifiably a classic, we cannot recommend this special edition release highly enough.

2. XXY

A bold, but sensitively played out tale of a hermaphrodite teenager and a new found friend trying to make sense of their relationship, sexualities and their local community. This Argentinean drama has deservedly chalked up numerous awards and nominations, and found itself a wider audience who have praised its unflinching and honest approach to the story.

3. Three And Out

Starring Mckenzie Crook as a tube train driver who has recently had 2 suicides jump in front of his tube train. When he is told that if this happens 3 times in a month he gets paid off service with a huge lump sum, he goes out in search of a willing volunteer. Low budget Brit coms never seem to be flavour of the month, but this controversial black comedy deserved better treatment that it received, as it is actually one of the best Brit coms made in the last few years.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 15th September 2008

Oliver Twist

This 1948 David Lean production starring Alec Guiness is the definitive version of the Charles Dickens classic novel to be caught on film. Now thankfully beautifully restored.

Brief Encounter

Another in the series of David Lean restorations. A truly landmark film that, although is caught in a different time, continues to find a new audience with each new generation of cinema fans.

Cool Hand Luke

Superb film and a performance from Paul Newman that is one of the defining moments in modern cinema. Also released in a rather lovely Blu-ray version.


Noirish thrillers seem to be flavour of the day again. This very worthy attempt from 2006 was certainly high on the danger and intrigue front, with a very decent story.

Mark Steel: Vive La Revolution

Ok not a proper film, but a recording of a stage show. Steel's observations on the French revolution are always illuminating, entirely fascinating and usually hugely funny to boot.

The Roger Corman Collection


Solider Blue

One of a tranche in a series of "new western" movies that hit the screen in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Ralph Nelson's 1970 production more than holds it own with some of its more well known contemporaries.

Street Kings

Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker star in this crime thriller about a veteran cop in the LAPD Vice Detective commences upon a personal mission to catch the men responsible for the murder of his partner.

Shotgun Stories

An excellent debut from Jeff Nichols telling the story of an alcoholic who, after marrying, fathers three sons only to abandon them to their poverty-stricken fate.

The best of the Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 15th September 2008

Great Expectations

It may seem an odd concept of a1946 b&w film in Blu-ray, but this film has been superbly restored. David Lean's finest cinematic achievement in a legendary career.

Basic Instinct

Sexploitation - possibly, trashy - certainly, especially with the headline grabbing money shot (no doubt reason alone for some to invest in this Blu-ray edition), but underneath (as it were) there is a skillful and sharp modern thriller being played out.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Easy comedy is the order of the day, but the film in all its broadness is surprisingly enjoyable - even the cinematic debut appearance of Russell Brand is not unpleasant.

This Is England

Shane Meadows' superb 2006 tale of coming of age in Thatcher's Britain. The film itself is not necessarily enhanced by the new format, but the extras are worth checking out on this edition.

Wild China

We here at alt-flix have been enjoying enormously this superb series on the BBC HD channel, with its stunning hi-def cinematography. Suffice to say that this Blu-ray edition is on most of our Christmas lists.

Thunderbirds (complete)

The care, love and attention that went into making this landmark series is evident in its new format. The colours and detail apparent in watching these episodes in this format is quite breathtaking. One of the best Blu-ray releases so far.

The best of the TV releases (all formats) 15th September 2008

Doctor Who: Four to Doomsday

2 Entertain Video continue their superb DVD release of all the Doctor Who stories with this early peter Davidson story from 1982.

Earth: The Power of the Planet (Blu-ray)

Superb landmark natural history series from the BBC. Looks absolutely stunning in HD and on this Blu-ray disc.

Ganges (Blu-ray)

Another stunning HD natural history presentation form the BBC. The river and the surround scenery caught beautifully by this fantastic production.

Spooks: Code 9

Six-part spin-off from the BBC TV spy series set in the year 2013 following a devastating nuclear attack on London.

Strangers: Series 3

Series 3 on the long running, innovative, and highly influential police series. Another cult TV classic from Network.

The Tin Man (Ultimate Collectors Edition) ( Blu-ray)

Multi-award winning mini series that seemed to come out of nowhere and land us in a re-imagined updated Oz.