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Latest UK DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 20th October 2008

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The top 3 DVD releases 20th October 2008

1. Smalltime

Shane Meadows' debut feature (56 mins). This DVD has been promised for a long time but previously unavailable due to wrangling over the rights to its release, and was only briefly released on VHS. The film itself shows plenty of Meadows' loose directing style and even looser acting alongside some a similarly relaxed cast. This is a genuinely odd little film which has odd elements akin to a student project, alongside some shocks with Meadows customary bite.

Update: This release has again been taken off the schedule. The film can be downloaded from the BFI website.

2. Killer Of Sheep

Charles Burnett's film that chronicles the life of a slaughterhouse worker. BFI have thankfully given this landmark film a release for a new generation to witness. Also released this week is his later film My Brother's Wedding, another film we'd highly recommend.

3. The Short Films Of David Lynch

Without doubt one of the greatest talents in modern cinema. These short films ranging from 1967 to 1995 really underline both the diversity and downright strangeness taking place in his art.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 20th October 2008

My Brother's Wedding

Released on the same day as Charles Burnett's masterpiece Killer Of Sheep, come his other landmark film My Brother's Wedding. Again Burnett skillfully opens the door to areas of life that other American directors do not dare to follow.


Jean Cocteau's stunning 1956 adaptation of the Greek myth. Beautifully photographed and starring the unsurpassable Jean Marais, this ranks alongside the very best of Cocteau's work.

Season Of The Witch

George A. Romero (Night Of The Living Dead etc) produced this 1972 film that seemed, if not out of his comfort zone, certainly stylistically apart from his other works. The more experimental approach pays off and gives the films more legs than some of his more well known works.


David Lynch's peculiar debut feature that was four years in the making. Now remastered, restored and cleaned up, and equally as excitingly includes an 85 interview with Lynch about the making of this extraordinary film.

Leaving Las Vegas

A re-release for Mike Figgis' superb 1995 tale of love, life and despair through the eyes of a chronic alcoholic and a hooker. Both Nicholas Cage and (more) especially Elizabeth Shue's performances are nothing short of stunning. Read our full review here.

Complete History Of My Sexual Failures

Luckless filmmaker Chris Waitt embarks upon an odyssey in which he will visit his ex-girlfriends in an attempt to find out the reasons why each of them dumped him. .

The Joseph Losey Collection

Collection of 7 films directed by acclaimed filmmaker Joseph Losey. Includes THE GO-BETWEEN, THE SERVANT, ACCIDENT, THE CRIMINAL, EVA, M. KLEIN and SLEEPING TIGER.

The Horses Mouth

With an adapted screenplay by Alec Guinness, this comic story starring Guinness, tells of a down-and-out artist, just out of jail, who convinces wealthy people to pay him for paintings they didn't actually commission.


Recent remake of Brian De Palma's 1973 film starring about a twin who is sister is suspected of murder. Chloe Sevigny and Stephen Rea both give superbly judges performances in their lead roles.

The top 3 Blu-ray releases 20th October 2008

1. Reservoir Dogs

Tarantino's debut that had such an impact upon its release, is now given a lovely release on Blu-ray. This release comes in novelty petrol can / matches packaging which is all rather lovely.

2. 28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later

The post apocalyptic original and its sequel, both look stunning on the Blu-ray format.One of the finest Zombie(ish) movies ever made. Read our full review of 28 Days Later.

3. Casino Royale (Deluxe Edition)

Only a few years ago it was rumored that we'd seen the last Bond movie, now the franchise is in safe hands with it's reinvigoration of the character of a very much darker Bond in the very capable hands of Daniel Craig.

The best of the rest Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 20th October 2008

Pride and Prejudice

The landmark TV series now on DVD looks simply stunning in Blu-ray format, in its setting, its attention to detail and the truly beautiful cinematography.

James Bond Blu-Ray Collection Vol.1

A somewhat chronologically and quality mixed selection, but some real gems here. Includes: Dr. No, For Your Eyes Only, From Russia With Love, Die Another Day, Live And Let Die, and Thunderball.

The Red Desert

AKA Il Deserto Rosso. A truly remarkable film from director Michelangelo Antonioni. This 1964 film is one of the most atmospheric and chilling piece ever made. Starring Richard Harris and Monica Vitti .

The Omen Trilogy

The chilling series of films now on Blu-ray, a format which seems ideally suited to the horror and psych horror genres.


Alien Vs Predator 2 pack

Includes the original Alien Vs Predator film and the follow up Alien Vs Predator - Requiem. Doesn't include Alien Vs Predator Vs Kramer Vs Kramer.

The Hills Have Eyes 1& 2

Fresh for Halloween this release includes the remake of The Hills Have Eyes and the sequel The Hills Have Eyes 2.

The top 3 TV releases (all formats) 20th October 2008

1. Rumpole Of The Bailey Series 1-7 Complete

John mortimer's creation brought to life by Leo McKern in these landmark series. One of the deservedly most popular series in TV history. Also includes Rumpole's Return.

2. Lost Series 1 - 4.

The one we've all been waiting for - series 4 of Lost. Excitingly Lost series 4 on Blu-ray is also released this week.

3. V - The Complete Series

1000 minutes of pure nonsense as Aliens descend the earth in a friendly guise, only as it turns out they are not so friendly, and we have been duped by their pretty faces. Doh!


The best of the rest TV releases (all formats) 20th October 2008

Mr Bean Complete

Release put back to 17 Nov 2008

The later episodes and both films are dreadful, but the early episodes were a masterpiece of invention and comic excellence and were hugely funny.

Dangerous Brothers

An extended re-release. Marvel as Richard Dangerous (Rik Mayall) and his busty (!) Glamorous assistant Sir Adrian Dangerous, perform every dangerous and sexy stunt known to man (and a few that weren't considered possible / legal too). Anyone for Dangerous crocodile snogging?

My Name Is Earl Series 3

The ever popular series starts to wobble slightly as it progress along a few new paths. Still required viewing though.

Dirty Sexy Money - Season 1

An superb release for this highly popular series includes the pilot episode, documentaries and an excellent commentary.

Dear Ladies (Hinge & Bracket) : Complete BBC Series 2

The superb 2nd series of the series set in Stackton Tressel and starring those dear ladies (?) Doctor Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket.

The Passion

The stunning BBC presentation aired last Easter of the last days of Christ. Beautifully shot and an amazing cast.