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Latest UK DVD, Blu-Ray and HD DVD releases week commencing - 29th September 2008

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Our top 3 DVD releases 29th September 2008

1. Leolo

Our DVD release of the month for September 2008. This Golden Palm nominated Canadian film from 1992, directed by Jean-Claude Lauzon. A strange, harsh, beautiful and beautifully strange tale of a young boy growing up in hard times who resorts to his imagination and dreams to escape his surroundings, and his family who appear plagued with madness. Another release by the wonderful Network DVD label.

2. Caligula (Imperial edition)

Commissioned by Penthouse publishing magnate with a very impressive budget and some considerable talent both in front (Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, John Gielgud and Peter O'Toole) and behind the camera (director Tinto Brass writer Gore Vidal). The film survived being "sexed up" by the money man. This 4 disc release includes 3 different cuts of the film plus some great commentaries and documentaries.

3. Irina Palm

Starring the ever wonderful Marianne Faithfull and the ever gorgeous Jenny Agutter. The film follows the exploits a middle-aged widow who, in order to raise money to pay for her grandson`s medical bills, takes a hostess job in a sex club. She soon finds she can turn her hand to almost anything. Marianne Faithfull is superbly convincing in this unaccustomed and slightly unexpected role as a shy widow. One of the best brit coms of recent times.

The best of the rest of other DVD releases 29th September 2008

Bangkok Love Story

Set in Thailand, the story follows the unlikely and forbidden romance between a hired assassin and his police informant target. A truly powerful piece of modern Asian cinema.

Bye Bye Blackbird

A tragic but compelling love story set in a traveling circus around 1900. Josef falls for a beautiful trapeze artist, Alice, and knows the only way to get close to her is to masters the trapeze. But his plan takes a tragic twist. Stars Derek Jacobi and Jodhi May.

Cassandra's Dream

Cutting himself free from the confines of New York, Woody Allen has found his mojo again in recent years. This superb piece includes a cast comprising of Colin Farrell, Tom Wilkinson, Ewan McGregor and Sally Hawkins.

Dangerous Parking

A great British film from 2007 directed by Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors). Based on the novel by Stuart Brown, about a British filmmaker as he struggles with his addiction to drugs and women.

Daylight Robbery

Britain seems to have cornered the market in contemporary crime dramas. This highly entertaining Heist movie owes more than a little to The Italian Job.

Howard the Duck

Once slated as one of the worst movies of all time, now starting to be reappraised. We thinks its pretty good and slightly weird. Now released in an uncut version.


From Sergei Bodrov, the director of Mongol. The film is set in Mongolian ruled Kazakhstan In the 18th century, where the Kazakhs are divided by their own infighting, but the search is on for the one who can unite the Kazakhs and to start the fightback.


A further re-release of Richard Linklater's early 1990s slacker classic. A film that would go on to spawn an entire genre of films, and only a very few of them that are actually any good. This is the original and the best.

The Tracey Fragments

A dark film telling the story of a teen who goes in search of her lost brother, but her mental state weaves a journey somewhere between reality and fiction. Visually stunning, innovative and hugely atmospheric.

The best of the Blu-Ray / HD DVD releases 29th September 2008


Aka Mongol - The Rise to Power of Genghis Kan. Oscar-nominated historical drama about the young Genghis Khan and er his rise to power. Epic stuff. Truly awesome in the Blu-ray format.

Night Of The Living Dead

A Blu-ray release of George A. Romero's original 1969 black and white production of the movie. A perfect choice of film for the upcoming Halloween.

Rise Of The Foot Soldier

Based on a true story of Carlton Leach, one of the most feared generals of football hooligan gangs, and his graduation to being a member of a notorious gang of criminals who wreaked havoc in London and Essex in the late 1980s & 90s.


Aka The 120 Days of Sodom. That Pier Paolo Pasolini's extreme updating of the De Sade sense of depravity into the last days of Mussolini still retains the ability to shock over 30 years later, is testimony to some of the extreme images he put together in his final film. This release includes a huge amount of truly superb extra features.

The Shawshank Redemption

The ultimate DVD movie, one that has seen more DVD issue editions than any other film (probably) now comes to the new format. You know how the story goes, all you need to know is that the film looks even better with its transfer to the Blu-ray format.

Zodiac (Directors Cut)

A film that is perhaps ideally suited to being on Blu-ray, in that it was the first major release to have been filmed entirely on hard drive. This fascinating film is based on the true story of a serial killer that remained uncaptured. This release features an absolute treasure of bonus features.

The best of the TV releases (all formats) 29th September 2008

Doc Martin (Series 1-3)

A entertaining comedy drama featuring Martin Clunes as a prickly and eccentric GP in a small Cornish fishing village. Contains all 3 series plus the Christmas special. (Apparently).

Doctor Who: The War Machines

From 1966. The good Doctor (William Hartnell) and Dodo visit the Post Office Tower in order to save the world (and buy a book of postage stamps probably).

Doctor Who: The Trial of a Timelord

From 1986. Colin Baker's final episodes. Contains an epic story line in the episodes Mysterious Planet, Mindwarp,Terror of the Vervoids and culminating in the awesome The Ultimate Foe.

The Animals Film

A TV film that was originally shown in 1981 and made a huge impact on many who saw it, in its graphic depiction of the ways in which animals are exploited and killed for food, fur, sport and science. Beautifully scored by Robert Wyatt and David Byrne.

Spitting Image: The Complete Third Series

Groundbreaking series that did so much to prevent the rise of Mrs Thatcher and the Tory party? A voice of dissent and satirical humour before it just got silly.

Tommy Cooper: Cooper - The Complete Series

Collected series that the ahead of his time comic genius made for Thames television in the 1970s. Includes the series The Tommy Cooper Hour, Just Like That and Cooper.