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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest USA DVD releases April 2007

Our Top 5 picks of the new USA DVD releases this month are : -

1. Bedazzled.

Superb 60's film starring the genius Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. A brilliant film - heaven only knows why they remade it a couple of years back (and of course ruined it along the way).

2. Overlord.

Tremendously innovative tale from 1975 of a soldier preparing for his role in World War 2. The film has quite rightly been given the honour of the Criterion release.

3. The Last Supper

This is a truly eco friendly film. A plastic surgeon considers the waste of throwing away the off cuts and so decides to to see how they taste - rather Good apparently.

4. Romantico

This is a truly remarkable documentary film. It shows a short period in the life of a Mariachi singer in San Francisco, and his return to see his family in Mexico.

5. La Haine

Mathieu Kassovitz 's 1996 classic study of French indifference to social integration and its the resultant resentment that gets reflected back.

Other notable DVDs released this month that we recommend : -
Week Commencing 3rd April 2007

Aurora Borealis

Tremendously well made film following a young man, completely lost since the death of his father, as he struggles to find his way. Donald Sutherland is absolutely brilliant in this movie.

Radio On

A forgotten film British film from the post punk UK given a surprise DVD release. This film defines the term underground movie

3 Needles

Skilful and poignant telling of three tales about the spreading of Aids / HIV in three separate countries.


Acid Eaters / Weed

Gloriously ridiculous psychedelic sexploitation movie of a more innocent time. Plus: Weed Documentary.


Almodovar's superb film. Even Penelope Cruz is great in this film.

Week Commencing 10th April 2007

Life Tastes Good

Tremendous story of a murder that spans sub stories of love, family, cops. Not widely known but well worth seeing as its a really well rounded piece of cinema.

La Dicks

Interesting twist on detective (dick) stories. Mostly entertaining nonsense that doesn't require much thought.


Flannel Pajamas

An above average (in fact excellent) insight into the nature of relationships.

A Way Of Life

Excellent debut feature by Amma Asante looking at the hard life of a young single mother and how she directs her resentment toward those she sees as outsiders.

Le Petit Lieutenant

This French film by is a superb contemporary take on the cop movie genre.

Week Commencing 17th April 2007

Silas Marner

TV movie version of George Eliot's classic novel. Probably one of the best TV movie adaptations of all time.

Brute Force

Spellbinding prison drama from 1947 given a Criterion release treatment

The Last King Of Scotland

An incredible tale highlighting the terrible rule of Ugandan President Idi Amin portrayed by Forest Whitaker who deservedly won the oscar for his role.

The History Boys

Alan Bennett's excellent (if rather rushed) honest tale of school, love, optimism and establishment hypocrisy.

Notes on a Scandal

Superb and admirably unsimplistic tale surrounding two school teachers and their complex relationships.

Week Commencing 24th April 2007

Documentaries of Louis Malle - 2

A superb collection of Louis Malle documentaries from the master film maker. Thankfully given a Criterion release.

Romeo and Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss

Want to see the future of cinema this is it. One man hand drew every frame of animation in this film over a period of 5 years using a relatively inexpensive common place piece of web software (flash) what an achievement. It's basically a cutesy kid movie and if you want to see the trailer and find more about this film click here.


Alan Clarke - 3 films

Superb collection of three films by this perennially over looked director. Includes The Firm, Made In Britain and Elephant.

Jean Renoir Collection

7 film collection of superb Renoir movies (plus featurette by long term admirer Scorsesse).