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Recommended New release DVDs



Latest UK DVD releases April 2008

Our Top 3 picks of the new UK DVD releases in April 2008 are : -

1. Mike Leigh Collection

Released 7th April 2008

An 11 disk, 10 film collection of Mike Leigh's feature films. Contains: Vera Drake, All or Nothing, Topsy-Turvy, Career Girls, Secrets and Lies, Naked, Life Is Sweet, High Hopes, Meantime and Bleak Moments.

2. The Darjeeling Ltd

Released 7th April 2008

Wes Anderson maintains his high standard of film making and uniquely effortless story telling, with this even more laid back tale of families with issues.

3. Rescue Dawn

Released 7th April 2008

Directed by Werner Herzog, the film is based on the true story of pilot Lt. Dieter Dengler (whose story Herzog previously explored in the documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly). This fictionalised tale explores what happened to Dengler when he was shot down over Vitenam.

Other notable DVD releases we recommend from April 2008 are : -


Released 7th April 2008

A re-release of Mike Figgis' excellent 2001 strange surreal film about a film crew being filmed for a documentary.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Released 7th April 2008

The masterpiece that helped to ruin Terry Gilliam's Hollywood reputation by running massively over budget. Whilst lacking some elements of plot, the scale and imagination of the film makes it an absolute joy to watch. Now given a 2 disc release.

Bleak Moments

Released 7th April 2008

Bleak Moments was Mike Leigh's first feature film from 1971, now given its first UK DVD release. A stilted and frequently unbearably claustrophobic meditation on repressed emotions and social awkwardness.


Released 7th April 2008

A less than inspired and predictable story, that is transformed by some old style Disney charm into one of the best family films in some time. Visually stunning and an entertaining film throughout.

Law And Order

Released 14th April 2008

A landmark British TV drama. A production from the 1970's about the corruption that was rife in the law enforcement system at the time. Uniquely the story is told from the four perspectives of the police, the perpetrator, the solicitor and the prison system.


Land of Promise: The British Documentary Movement 1930-1960

Released 28th April 2008

A 4 disc set containing 40 British film documentaries from the B&W era. The collection contains landmark documentaries that helped shape the resurgence of British cinema in the 1960s and beyond.